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Field Plan for
2022 Elections


See below for our field plan which outlines the candidates and causes we'll be supporting this fall. Scroll to learn how you can get involved!


As we head into this next election season, let’s continue to keep fighting for the policies we believe in. Although there is a Democratic presidency, Senate, and House, it is not guaranteed to stay that way. That is why 2022 is so important, so we can continue to maintain and expand those majorities. This field plan demonstrates what we set out to accomplish this election cycle as we build community through action. 


Going into this next election season, we will participate in phone banks for candidates running for the US House of Representatives, US Senate, State Legislatures, Governorships, Lieutenant Governorships, Attorney General, and Secretary of State.


The 2022 elections are important for furthering progressive policies that the Democrats are championing — from expanded voter access to reproductive rights. In this version of the field plan, we will focus on the first primary, Texas. Texas’s primary will take place on March 1, 2022, and you can find information on voter registration and competitive districts in this document. As we release more versions of the plan, you can find more information about primaries in other states. 


This election season, please join us as we volunteer for candidates that will make positive change.

Read the full field plan here.

Get Involved

We want you to join us as we volunteer for candidates that will make positive change.

Once the primary season is over, we will officially be endorsing candidates. In addition to the national races we will be volunteering for, we will also be volunteering for candidates running for state-wide positions. More specifically, we will focus on Secretary of State races in Michigan, Arizona, Georgia, and Nevada. The Secretary of State races are extremely important because our elected Secretary of States confirms our election results. We need to make sure that we are electing people who are devoted to counting your vote.


Just because there will not be another presidential election until 2024, it does not mean we should stop our advocacy. It is these elections in the middle that really matter because these elections are indicators of how the presidential elections will go. Therefore, stay involved with Young Women for US because there is so much to come!