Take Attendance


Like in-person events, it’s critical to take attendance. There are a number of ways to capture attendance during virtual events, including the following:

  • Screenshot of the participant list

  • Write down names as people introduce themselves

  • Roll call in the chat box


Moderate Your Event


As events have gone virtual, there have been a number of incidents of attendees disrupting virtual events. There are a number of ways that you can limit these incidents on the front end, but you should also be diligent during the virtual event.


You can do the following during your virtual event:

  • Control who gets unmuted

  • Control who can “share screen”

  • Control who can appear on video


Thank Your Attendees


Show your attendees how grateful you are that they attended your event. You can do this by:

  • Emailing: Send out a thank you email to all who attend the event. See debrief email template in the Resources section. Be sure to include a link for them and others to sign up for future events!

  • Social Media: Post in your Facebook groups or tag volunteers in a Twitter post thanking them for their time.

Check out our outreach page for sample thank you and event follow up emails.


Follow Up with No Shows


If any of your signups did not show up for your event, give those folks a call or send an email to discuss with them how to get involved and signed up for future events.