Welcome to the YW4US Book Club!

We're always striving to find ways to connect with each other and opportunities to engage with our community. That's why we started the Young Women for US book club in April 2021.


Each month, our programming team selects books from a diverse range of authors and genres that connect back to policy or current events. Our community votes on which book they'd like to read over social media, and at the end of the month, we come together in a virtual meeting to discuss the book's argument, themes, and how it's inspired us to take action or reevaluate our thinking.


Our book selections and meetings cater to young women and gender non-conforming people, but everyone is welcome. You also do not have to read the book to attend book club.

While Justice Sleeps
by Stacey Abrams

Discussion Questions: 

  • How would you describe Avery’s relationship with Justice Wynn before his coma?

  • How did Avery’s character change and evolve over the course of the novel as she solved the riddle Justice Wynn left behind?

  • As she begins to grapple with her role as legal guardian, Avery meets Justice Wynn’s son, Jared, and also contends with her own relationship with her mother. How do family dynamics play a role in the novel? How do you think Avery’s abilities and personality type were affected by her experiences with her mother?

  • If you could speak with Stacey Abrams about the novel, what would you say to her?

  • Who was your favorite character in the novel? Why?

  • If you were in Avery’s shoes, would you have accepted the role of legal guardian? Why or why not?

  • How do politics and ethics play a role in the plot? How do the characters of the novel grapple with the intersection of both?

  • Do you think the political landscape in the U.S. of the last several years played into Stacey Abrams’ inspiration? Do you think any of the characters were based on a real person? How do you think author Stacey Abrams’ experience in politics shaped While Justice Sleeps?

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